Monday, January 21, 2008

The Weekly Winner Contest by Mixed Market Arts

Check it out here: The Weekly Winner Contest

The Contest will be for a WEEKLY chance to win $25 and a link!!! Every week they will announce one winner and will send $25 via Paypal. The weekly winner contest will run forever, allowing many people to be able to win a $25 prize. Every week they will also give a link to the winners blog, and that winner will also be eligible to receive any additional prizes that were donated that week. For those people who would like to donate cash/prizes, they will give you a free plug about your site, blog, or product.

After sponsoring two contests earlier with successful results, Mixed Market Arts has decided to run their own. Rather than running the occasional type of blog contest, they decided to change things up a bit because they wanted to have a lot of winners rather than just one. Therefore, they have developed a way to promote their blog while giving away money every week!!!!!

So I guess your wondering how do I enter????
1. Write a post on your blog about this blog and this contest.
2. Leave a comment on the contest post with the link to your post.
3. Read their blog! They recommend subscribing through RSS or getting their blog posts by email.

When is the deadline?
This contest has no start/finish date. You are allowed to join whenever you want, but the earlier you start the better your chances of being a weekly winner. If for whatever reason they choose to stop this contest in a few months, they will notify everyone at least 4 weeks prior to the closing.

Entry Guidelines
Your blog post should be at least 250 words.
Link to the main page of their blog as well as the contest post.
You may be a weekly winner a maximum of once per month, but there are no limit to how many times you can win.

When are the winners chosen?
The first winner will be chosen Sunday, January 27th. They will try to choose each winner every Sunday after that, but they reserve the right to choose one early if I need to. If for any reason they miss a week, the following winner will receive $50 instead of the $25.

By writing a one time post on your blog, you will have a chance to win $25 as well as additional prizes every single week of the year. You will have a permanent raffle ticket!!!!! All winners will get a little bit of free promotion as well.

Check out the blog here: Make Money Blogging


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