Saturday, January 12, 2008

*You Could Win a $10,000 Comfort Getaway*

To win: Visit the Vicks Caring Tribute Campaign website.
They are giving you a chance to say thank you to someone who helped you when you were sick, or whenever you needed someone to comfort you. You can visit the website at Caring Tributes. While your there you can pay tribute to a friend or loved one. Send a Vicks Tribute Card to the person who was there to care for and comfort you. Share Your Story in a Video. Whether you were sick, feeling down, or just needed a hug, they want to hear your tribute to the person who cared for and comforted you.

*********FOR AN EXTRA GIVEAWAY Visit Mommy Mandy*******
Post about THIS giveaway on your blog, linking to THIS giveaway to Vicks Caring Tribute Campaign and to the body shop.

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