Friday, July 11, 2008

Cascade VS. Electrasol

We were sent a complimentary package of Cascade Complete liquid and Electrasol to try out write a review. Being that we love our DISHWASHER at our house we were eager to complete this review!!

Cascade Complete scored excellent on our dirty dish test! Cascade Complete eliminates the need to prewash your dishes and dishes come out clean of food and spots. It cleaned all residue left dishes with no hint of detergent left behind.

Available in Fresh Scent, Citrus Breeze Scent®, and Melon Blossom.

In assorted 45, 75, 110, and 125oz. powder or gel varieties.

Great some Cascade coupons here!!

Electrasol also scored well in our dirty dishes test. However, it did leave a few water spots. It does a nice clean scent on the dishes.
Available at your local store in 75oz bottles; in Orange, Lemon, and Fresh scents.

Cascade worked the best for us! The scent from the dishwasher made the whole kitchen smell great!! With really clean dishes and a great smelling kitchen how can you go wrong??
Try some today!!


Melissa said...

i was wondering when you were going to post on the dish detergent. hope all is well with ella!

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