Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion Review

Since I have lived in my NIKE flip flops this summer my feet have really suffered!!
So, I was super excited when I was given the opportunity to review this great lotion!!
Gloves in a Bottle is a skin shielding lotion. Which means that the lotion bonds to the outer layers of your skin to protect it from harmful irritants and it keeps your own moisture locked in. The bottle states that for best results, you are supposed to apply the lotion every 4 hours. When you apply the lotion, you only have to use a little bit because a little goes a LONG way!!! This thin lotion goes on really smooth and soothes your skin. It doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all! With my other lotions, my skin gets soft right away, but the feeling fades after an hour, and then I'm left with dry flaky skin again. Gloves in a Bottle gives me silky smooth skin that lasts throughout the day. It applies really well and dries quicker than most lotions. There are no fragrances or colorants in this lotion. I also really like that the company tells you what exactly is in their lotion and what those products are used for so be sure to check out the list of ingredients.

Be sure to check out the website for before and after pictures, testimonials, and a store finder so you can purchase this lotion. I wish I would have taken pictures because my dry feet have improved 100% in one short week of using Gloves in a Botttle!!

Information from the site:
How Gloves In A Bottle Works: The outer layer of your skin consists of dead skin cells - it's a protective layer designed to protect the delicate living cells of the deeper layers of skin. This layer of skin needs to stay moisturized to protect the deeper layers of skin. In order to keep the moisture (water) from leaving the outer layer of skin, the skin produces natural oils. These oils also help keep irritants away from the deeper layers of skin. Regular washing with soap or exposure to chemicals can remove these natural oils.When the natural oil is stripped from the outer layer of skin the moisture (water) quickly leaves the outer layer of skin leaving the skin dry, irritated, and itchy. Worse, the deeper layers of skin are left exposed to harsh damaging substances including detergents, solvents, cleaners, paint and thinners, gardening chemicals, dirt and grease, latex gloves and powder, etc. This results in more dry, irritated, and itchy skin that becomes chapped, cracked and damaged. Hand and skin lotions only replace natural oils with artificial ones. These offer temporary relief that does little to heal the skin. Regular use of lotions can actually cause the skin to produce less natural oils. Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion – it bonds with the outer layer of your skin and helps lock in your natural oils and moisture – the reason why dermatologists recommend Gloves as an effective dry skin treatment.

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angelgrotton said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! Sound really promising )))

Melissa said...

me and my funky feet need some of this!! thanks for the review!

Peggy said...

I wear flip flops all the time and would love to try. Count me in

Jinki said...

For my dry skin I've discovered Shielding Lotions which are very different from the usual skin protectants and barrier creams. The best selling Shielding Lotion in the States is Gloves in a Bottle and there is only one other product similar, Skin MD Natural in the UK. Both seem to work really well, so give then both a go and see which you prefer!

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