Thursday, July 24, 2008

Primo Water Review

From the Primo Water Site:
Primo is the first nationally available bottled water whose bottle is made from plants, not crude oil! Primo offers you the convenience and great taste you're looking for – in a bottle that's friendly to the environment.
How? It's all about the plastic we use. It's called Ingeotm, the world's first and only performance plastic made from 100% annually renewable plants. Nearly all other plastic bottles made in the United States are manufactured from petroleum, a non-renewable and diminishing resource.
Want to see how we change plants into Primo bottles?
Click here to watch this amazing story.

Our Thoughts:
We drink lots of water at our house so we were eager to try this new product!!! Not only is the bottle better for the environment but it taste great at well!! Even the kids agreed that this water is much better than any other bottled water they have tasted! In thousands of blind taste tests conducted nationwide by an independent agency, the results make it clear: 3 out of 4 consumers preferred Primo over the nation's top-selling spring waters. That's why we trademarked the term, "Taste Perfection."
You can pick some up today at your local Kroger! Kroger is the first national grocery retailer to offer Primo single-serve bottles in their stores.


Kimberly said...

Would really like to try this brand. It is so hard to believe that the 'bottle - or lack there of' is made out of plants. How smart is that? Unfortunately we do not have Kroger in my part of the country. Keeping fingers crossed other retailers jump on board with this.

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