Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get Back to the Table Month with Libby's

Time to break out those school year calendars, which will soon fill up with after-school music lessons, soccer games, play dates, carpools, and PTA meetings. With so many priorities for us as busy Moms, not to mention our often over-scheduled children, it can be difficult to find time to connect as a family during the week. Even the one place children used to share stories from their day-the family dinner table-threatens to become a thing of the past. This became evident in a recent Mom Central survey; although 98% of Moms surveyed think children benefit from eating meals at the table with their families on a regular basis, only 61% of Moms said their families sit down everyday at the table for dinner.

In an effort to help families make time for dinner together, Libby's has launched its "Get Back to the Table Month" campaign on The site provides family dinner planning tools, time-saving tips, healthy recipes, and grocery shopping and money-saving advice. The campaign also highlights important benefits of establishing a regular family sit-down dinner-children who eat regular family meals tend to:
Perform better in school
Have a lower risk of smoking, drinking, and drug use
Have higher self-esteem
Develop stronger interpersonal relationships
Eat healthier
Teenage girls develop a healthier body image

Libby's and RCA Recording Artist Sara Evans Encourage Families to Get Back to the Table
Celebrate the many joys of family dinnertime this September
Family dinners are an important part of Sara Evans’ life, which is why she makes it a personal goal to gather around the table with her family at least three times a week. Everyone gets together and talks about the best part of their day and what they’re looking forward to in the next week.
Learn more about Get Back to the Table Month with Sara Evans and the top 5 reasons you should gather your family for mealtime.
And, don’t forget to check out Sara’s modern country version of the Libby’s jingle, which will be playing on country radio stations nationwide.
While you are there print this great coupon:

In conjunction with the website, Libby's provides canned vegetables to help with quick, healthy, and easy family dinners on a budget.
Thanks to Libby's and Mom Central for helping to get our family back to the table!

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