Saturday, September 20, 2008

Me and My First Baby MEME

I have been tagged by Kristin for this meme!!!

A different kind of's all about me and my first baby...please leave a comment here if you are playing along!

1. Were you married at the time? Yes

2. What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant? Surprised

3. How old were you? 22

4. How did you find out you were pregnant? home test

5. Who did you tell first? friends that were at out house

6. Did you want to find out the sex? NO

7. Due date? June 9, 1999

8. Did you deliver early or late? 2 days late

9. Did you have morning sickness? No

10. What did you crave? everything

11. Who irritated you the most? shoppers (I was working at JCPenneys)

12. What was your first child's sex? Boy

13. How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? 35 pounds

14. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? No I was blessed with a healthy pregnancy.

15. Where did you give birth? Suburban

16. How many hours were you in labor? 16 hours

17. Who drove you to the hospital? GJ

18. Who watched? GJ, My Mom, and Mother-in-Law

19. Was it vaginal or c-section? Vaginal

20. Did you take medicine to ease the pain? Two Epidural but neither worked

21. How much did your child weigh? 7lb. 6oz.

22. What did you name him/her? Ethan Darnell

23. How old is your first born today? 9 years old.

So now I am going to tag the following five mommies:

1. Angie

2. Erin

3. Kristinia

4. Andrea

5. Emily

and anyone else that would like to play along :)


jme said...

1. no (met my love 3 months pregnet)
2. think god! so happy (life changeing)
4.home test family
7.may 12 2006
10.tuna mom
13.45 pounds
14.yes, held water high blood prusher
16.3 hours (i think went so fast)
18.kyle and my mamal
19. Vaginal
21.5lb 6 oz
22. kaydence grace
23.2 years young

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