Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mommy Community Blog Trip Day 3

Our exit off of Interstate 65 should seriously be called FAST FOOD Capital of the World!!
In less that one mile we have. . . . .
Kentucky Fried Chicken
White Castle
El Nopal
Another Mexican Restaurant
Long John Silvers
Moby Dick
The Kitchen
Taco Bell
Mr. Gattis
Dairy Queen
Asian Buffet
Papa Johns
Donut King
Chester's Fried Chicken

I wouldn't consider any of these restaurants really good but that doesn't stop us from visiting them way too often!! I enjoy a salad from Quiznos, a grape slushie from Sonic (during Happy Hour), Fish from Moby Dick, and Pizza from Mr. Gattis. I guess our favorite would be The Mexican Restaurant!! GJ and I LOVE to have cheese dip with chips and rice for dinner!! We live about 20 minutes from Louisville and it has almost every restaurant imaginable so if we want something really good that is where we head!! Bullitt County is DRY on Sunday which means NO ALCOHOL sales so this is the reason why we can't get any really GOOD Restaurants in Shepherdsville!!!
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Gin said...

You're not joking when you say FAST FOOD CAPITAL...LOL!

Just dropping by for a bite. Hope you can stop by my place, too.

Have a nice day!

Linda S said...

I just want a Sonic that is within 40 minutes. Is that too much to ask? I could handle the FF capital...too well...

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