Friday, September 5, 2008

Mommy Community Blog Trip Day 5

When you come to our small town you won't see any . . . . . .

beaches or

or professional sports teams

or castles with princesses!!!

But you can tour the local Jim Beam Distillery!! When you visit the distillery, you’ll enjoy a true Jim Beam® experience. You’ll see how they make the world’s finest bourbon, the beautiful T. Jeremiah Beam home, the lush distillery landscape, and you may even see seventh generation Beam family distiller, Fred Noe!!!

And you can also enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Bernheim Forrest!!
Isaac W. Bernheim established Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in 1929. I. W. Bernheim (1848-1945) was a German immigrant who settled in Kentucky. From a humble beginning as a peddler, he became successful in the whiskey distilling business where he established the I.W. Harper brand. Grateful for his good fortune, he gave Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest to the people of Kentucky as a gift.

"....I have expressed my intention that said property ... be held in trust ... and said fourteen thousand (14,000) acres be used for a park, for an arboretum, and, under certain conditions, for a museum, all of which are to be developed and forever maintained ... for the people of Kentucky, and their friends, as a place to further their love of the beautiful in nature and in art, and in kindred cultural subjects, and for educational purposes, and as a means of strengthening their love and devotion to their state and country." --------- I.W. Bernheim

Thanks so much for stopping off in Kentucky on your great Blog Trip!!!

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