Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap Review

We were very excited when we were given the opportunity to try out an all-natural sunscreen soap that offers an invisible layer of protection just by washing with it! This soap doesn't use chemicals to screen UV rays and is natural and hypoallergenic with the benefits of over 50+ vitamins and minerals!

Our Thoughts:
This sunscreen soap works by using zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as their active ingredients and provides a SPF 10 simply by washing with it. Since these were common ingredients I had no hesitation in trying this new product. I decided to test the soap out on my skin first before trying on my children's skin. I was really surprised that it had an extremely light refreshing scent. This is something that I look for in a soap so that I can still wear my fragrant body sprays and lotions. The soap lathered like a normal bar soap and rinsed off well without leaving a build up feeling like some soaps. I also tested the soap on Ella since she has very sensitive skin and I am happy to report that she did fine with it. I really love the fact that I can now save time since I won't need to apply a separate sunscreen on sunny days. I would highly reccommend this great soap to anyone!

About the Product:
Protect Your Skin Year-Round with Bethesda Sunscreen Soap
Bethesda Sunscreen Soap: Making Everyday Sun Protection as Easy as Taking a Shower.

NEW YORK, NY – September 3, 2008 – Bethesda Skincare, a company of all-natural skincare products, launched the very first all-natural Sunscreen Soap earlier this year. With skin protection remaining a constant concern, this latest advancement in skin care technology is being very well-received. The new Bethesda Sunscreen Soap contains a minimum SPF 10, and a laundry list of vitamins and minerals that help to aid in sun protection and support healthy skin.

As the summer months begin to fade and fall/winter approaches, many people forget that sun protection is still a vital step in the daily skin care routine. With trips to the beach absent as a constant reminder to lather on sunscreen, Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is perfect because the SPF protection is built right in. Simply washing with the body bar provides an invisible layer of sunscreen perfect for every-day use. Because it can be used in the shower, you will be sure to get a light layer of sun protection every time you wash!

Bethesda also partnered with All One® Multi-vitamins, providing its Sunscreen Soap with 50 + vitamins and minerals to give the skin a radiant and healthy glow while supporting overall skin health. In fact, over one-third of the body bar is purely vitamins and minerals! Plus, Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is all-natural, non-oily, and hypo-allergenic, making it great for those with extremely sensitive skin. Bethesda Skincare is committed to providing the highest-quality products, and all soaps contain four basic ingredients. These four ingredients are referred to as the "Power Four." Whole leaf Aloe-Vera gel, healing balm of Gilead, glycerin, and chlorophyll are the powers behind the "Power Four." Their properties are anti-inflammatory, hygroscopic, immune boosting, and moisturizing.

Bethesda Sunscreen Soap is available online at, and in select stores nationwide. Bethesda's commitment to quality products that deliver results will set a new standard in the skin care industry. The skin is the body's largest organ, and Bethesda truly believes that taking care of yourself on the inside is just as important as doing so on the outside.

Thanks to Bethesda and the Family Review Network for this great review opportunity!


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Hey just wondering, did you ever pick a winner for tiny prints?

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my old soap doesn't work anymore ((( so I should try this one )

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