Saturday, October 25, 2008

Better Homes and Gardens Presidential Pumpkin Pick

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Cutting taxes and slashing the deficit sound great. But, at Better Homes and Gardens they think that many more will find it's a lot more fun to slice into a big orange pumpkin – particularly at this time of year.

That's why, the interactive companion to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, would like to invite you to vote in our straw poll for Halloween pumpkin carving stencils of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, John McCain and Sarah Palin. And they'd like you to vote in their straw poll, too. The poll results will be announced October 29, 2008.

In addition to our Presidential Pumpkin Pick, is also offering celebrity stencils of Hillary Clinton, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, Oprah, and Michael Phelps. They want the entire political spectrum to feel that they have a way to participate in the process.

Why are they doing this? Well, they'd like to ensure that everyone enjoys great holidays without the hassle. And we wouldn't mind if you linked to their stencils, too. To support your favorite candidate, you can also grab one of the buttons at to put on your blog to show your support.


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