Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holgate Baby Blocks Review

The Holgate Baby Blocks are a creative way to introduce your infant to color, letters, and fun drawings. This set contains 6 blocks made from Hard Maple with smooth rounded edges imprinted on all 6 sides with cute colorful graphics. Child may create simple three letter words. Block measure 1-3/4" square. Non toxic finishes and made in the USA. Recommended for Ages: 1+ Made In: USAManufacturer: Holgate Toys Dimensions: each block 1-3/4" These blocks can be purchased at!

My little one has had tons of fun playing with these blocks!! She has enjoyed stacking them, lining them up, sorting them and identifying the letters, numbers, and animals on each of the blocks. The blocks offer simple drawings that make it easier for the little ones to identify. They kept her entertained on a long car trip by telling her brother what each block had on them. The blocks are very well made! They fell very solid without being too heavy for little hands. The best part about the blocks is that they are made from a renewable wood source. I really love the fact that these blocks were developed to grow with your child. These block offer entertaining and educational benefits for your child. These blocks help younger children to develop fine motor skills while they can be very beneficial to the older child by helping them to recognize letters, numbers, and sounds! They also can be used to form simple 3-letter words, helping your toddler learn their letters and beginning reading skills.

Do you have a little one on your litst that would love these blocks? You can purchase the Holgate Baby Blocks from NMC for only $16.99!!!

About (from the site) was developed by parents of two small children in 2007. We have made it our mission to provide quality toys that stimulate and challenge a child's mind.There was much news regarding the quality and safety of toys produced in China during the summer of 2007. We walked through the toy department of a big box retailer and could not find a toy produced outside of China. Gone were the wooden blocks, dolls and wooden trains we played with as children. These toys were replaced with cheap plastic toys that had character ties to movies and cereals. We then turned to the internet and were frustrated by the lack of alternatives and lack of country of origin information. We experienced first hand the frustration and angst associated with taking away our child’s favorite toy that was recalled and we routinely threw away toys within a few days or weeks of purchase due to poor quality. These experiences led to the development of NONE of the toys found in are Made in China. When it comes to our own home we choose to keep Chinese Made Toys out of our childrens' hands. Many of the toys in our home wind up in our childrens' mouth and we did not want to gamble with their future. Our quarterly earnings driven culture, increasingly obsessed with lower costs, encourages production in any country offering lax labor laws, lax environmental laws, lax intellectual property laws and lax tax laws. This low cost business approach may not encourage the best quality manufacturing procedures. want to provide consumers with a place to find quality typically deals with smaller manufacturers and posts the country of origin for all toys. This empowers you to make an informed decision as a consumer. pledges that our toys will last....even if they don't have lights or make sounds. Many of our toys have received awards and meet or exceed USA safety standards. Some of our toys offer a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer.The toys of are designed to foster your child’s imagination, improve their motor skills and bolster their self-esteem. When our daughter was starting Pre-K, we were delighted to discover all the benefits she would receive through play. Who knew that playing with blocks helps a child’s math and reading skills? is not the manufacturer of toys. We are a retailer of quality European and American Toys. We rely on our manufacturers for their diligence and adherence to Toy Safety Laws. Please always monitor your child's play and never leave a child alone with any toy.

Thanks so much to Parent Reviewers and NMC Toys for this great opportunity!!


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