Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bender Ball Fitness DVD Review

We were excited to receive the new fitness program, Bender Ball which included DVDs plus a small exercise ball!! Bender Method Kit is an amazing program. We received the Bender Ball, The Bender Method Manual, and Leslee Bender's amazing video: The Bender Method of Core Training. We also received a bonus video: the Bender Method of Buns & Thighs. Altogether, this is a $40 value!
The secret to great results is the Bender Method of Core Training which was developed by master trainer Leslee Bender. Each of Leslee's ab sculpting moves puts you in the perfect position for results. Combined with her effective method of selective stabilization, it cranks up the intensity and targets the muscles you want from all sides - your upper abs, the sides and those hard to reach lower abs. The Bender Ball allows you to work your abs in ways that you couldn't do otherwise. Leslee guides you through exercises that target your abs for a workout that's way more effective than old fashioned crunches. Check out More About How It Works!!
The Bender Ball Workout
What you're seeing in the gym are people doing a gazillion crunches and they don’t know why they’re not getting results. With a regular crunch on the floor, you’re limited. You can only go forward, you can’t go back. With the Bender Ball, you’re getting extension back and flexion forward, which works your muscles more effectively.
Bender Ball vs Standard Crunches
The Bender Ball gives you a workout that's up to 408% more effective than ordinary crunches. So you can sculpt beautiful abs fast!
Is it guaranteed?
The 30-day money back guarantee lets you try the Bender Ball program risk free. If for some reason, you don't get the results you're looking for, just send it back. They'll refund every penny of your purchase price - no questions asked! Read the Full Satisfaction Guarantee

Since having two kids I have dreamed flatter abs! Bender Ball was designed to help me get back those flatter abs! In just using this video a couple of times I can tell that I have more strength in my abdominal area. I think the Bender program is an amazing program! Leslee Bender is a wonderful instructor and coach. She guides you through the movements and really gets you to feel those muscles working!! Leslee Bender is a master fitness trainer with over twenty five years of experience. Leslee has been active throughout the world where she has been involved in the presentation of unique and progressive methods in all forms of fitness training. Check out More About Leslee Bender!!
We really enjoy our video and highly recommend this great fitness program for anyone on your Christmas shopping list!!

Thanks so much to FRN and Bender Ball for this great opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Be aware!!! I puchased the Bender Ball back in October 2008. I continue to have charges on my credit card for services and products I unknowling sign up for. They have a bunch of hidden charges on their web-site. There have been hundreds of compliants of frudulent charges.

The Better Business Bureau has given Bender Ball a rating of F. In case you don't know what an F means here is the explanation: "they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices." You can check out all the problems with Bender Ball by going to and then search for Bender Ball.

Don't get dupped like I did.

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