Monday, November 10, 2008

Check out SeatSnug for a SAFER Booster Seat Ride

At our house we spend a great deal of time in our car. And, unfortunately, in many instances this car time is not the safest the kids. We have been very concerned with Ella being bumped around in her booster seat lately because there is no way of securing it appropriately with a seatbelt. Often, during everyday car maneuvers a booster seat can bounce around, rock, tip, or slide due to slack or looseness developing in the lap belt of the seatbelt. During quick stops, evasive maneuvering or accidents, loose lap belts often contribute to child injury even though the buckle was fastened correctly. In fact, car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and injury for children and the failure of seat belts to properly secure children is a leading contributor. So, we were thrilled when we were given the opportunity to review the SeatSnug!

The Seatsnug is a product that provides an easy solution that will allow seatbelts to perform as intended and that will properly and safely secure a child in a booster seat to prevent potentially life-threatening injuries, while also enhancing the stability and comfort of children while riding. SeatSnug is a device that easily attaches to an existing seatbelt to prohibit the seatbelt slack from developing and makes sure the child's seat is properly and safely secured in place during travel. With the signature "on-off" feature, SeatSnug is intended to stay on the seatbelt at all times and can be placed in the "on" position when a child is secured in a booster seat to properly and safely secure the child in place. Placed in the "off" position at all other times, the seatbelt will operate normally in the event anyone else, including an adult, sits in the seat and uses the seatbelt. The inherent safety features and easy usability make the SeatSnug an incredibly appealing solution for family car safety.

Please check out this video to better understand how SeatSnug can help make your child's car ride safer. SeatSnug is all about "saving children's lives and reducing injuries one seatbelt at a time." This revolutionary new device is a must have for any family with kids that still ride in booster seat. It secures the safety of children while riding in the car, which at the same time exhibits functionality and flexibility that parents need.

Thanks so much to Momcentral and Seatsnug for letting us know about this great product!


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