Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free Felt Story Holiday Program at Glitterful Felt Stories

**We copied this post directly from Glitterful Felt Stories to let you know about this fabulous holiday promotion** You MUST visit the links below to participate in this great promotion!!!
Did we say FREE?.....Yes....Free Felt Board Stories!!
We would like to introduce to you a wonderful program that we at Glitterful Felt Stories wanted to offer during our holiday season. We have found that there are so many hurting people in our world today and we wanted to offer a program that will help reach out and uplift these people! So we are starting our pay-it-forward free felt board story program!
How does it work?? Yes, we have made some rules!!
Starting November 24th-December 20th on our main website there will be a category called "pay-it-forward". Every couple of days our little holiday elves will be dropping some fun FREE felt board stories into this category. You won't know when there will be a free item available, so you will need to check our website as much as possible to catch a free item! (s&h will apply)
If you are the lucky person to get a Free Felt Board story then we are asking you to "pay-it-forward" by doing a good deed for someone in need. Then we ask that you comment below in this blog what wonderful deed you did for someone in your community! It could be bringing a meal to a family that you know is out of work, dropping off some holiday toys for a family you know is in need, bringing cookies to an elderly person, or even donating your free story to a school in need! Your deed is up to you....and we are so excited to see what you decided to do!!
The more deeds that we hear about....the more stories the elves will be dropping off!
Inspire our elves to give away more stories......please leave your comments and feedback below (on their blog post)!!!
They would love to hear what you think of our new holiday program!
Happy Holidays!!


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