Thursday, November 13, 2008

Momdot Blog Party Day 2: TRADITIONS

Day Two of the Momdot Blog Party is all about Traditions!!
Our Christmas traditions include spending Christmas Eve with both of our Mom's Family! It's lunch with my Mom's side of the family and dinner with GJs Mom's side of the family! Then on Christmas we have GJs Dad's Side of the Family along with my parents and brothers over for dinner! It's really nice to be able to stay home on Christmas!! We also celebrate with friends on the weekend after Christmas!! The kids love to leave milk and cookies for Santa and Santa ALWAYS leaves them a note which they keep each year!! Ethan and Ella are really good about taking turning and watching each other open their gift and I REALLY hope this tradition continues as they get older!!!

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Tracye said...

That's all so sweet!

Staci said...

It's so nice that your kids take turns. When we open gifts at my parents, where there's 3 little ones, it turns to pure chaos, with everyone trying to open at once.

CompleteLee Blogger said...

I have lots of kids and it is usually the oldest ones that insist we keep up the tradition of opening the gifts one at a time. It takes forever, but it is awesome! So, I'm sure your kids will continue to enjoy your tradition too.

Rita @ My Precious Pennies said...

that's cute how santa leaves a note!

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