Monday, November 10, 2008

Pacific Shaving Company Review

Good things come in little packages, like the small but mighty™ bottle of All Natural Shaving Oil. Made from essential oils, this tiny miracle (with up to 100 shaves in a half-ounce bottle) works wonders for both men and women on even the most sensitive skin. All Natural Shaving Oil™ offers a consistently smooth shave, reduces nicks and razor burn, and left my skin conditioned and moisturized! It is all with all of the best natural ingredients available and there is no mess to clean up when finished! Good for you, your wallet, and the earth. Click here to Learn more.

We received the All Natural Shaving Oil and The Nick Stick to review!

Let’s face it - nicks are an inevitable consequence of shaving. Now you can stop the bleeding right away with this small but mighty Nick Stick. And with vitamins A & E and Aloe, it will help promote healing and soothe your skin, too. Nicks happen. Now you can do something about it. Benefits:
Stops bleeding quickly - no more tissue paper.
Dries clear - no chalky residue
Rolls on - self-sterilizing applicator
Directions: Dry wound and apply Nick Stick. Use as needed. Ingredients:Aluminum Chloride, Benzocaine, SD38B Alcohol, Methyl Cellulose, Phenyl Salicylate, Bergamot Oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin

You simply use it instead of shaving cream.
All you need is 6-8 drops for a softer, smoother shave. So while the 1/2 oz. bottle may look small, it will last up to 100 shaves and take up a fraction of the space. Which makes it perfect for travelers!
All Natural Shaving Oil™ is ideal for sensitive, tough or dry skin. And, anyone sculpting a beard or moustache or shaving their head. It also is great for women, too. Click here to read more benefits.

Why Shaving Oil?
Shaving creams lather and lather is just air. When more air gets trapped, less lubrication actually touches your face which results in more nicks and burns. All Natural Shaving Oil™ is unlike any shaving experience I’ve ever had. It offers a consistently smooth shave and practically eliminates nicks and razor burn. It also left GJ's face feeling conditioned and moisturized and not at all oily. He was real excited that there was no shaving cream mess to clean up when he finished!!

These would make the perfect stocking stuffer for any shaver on your list :)

Whether you need to shave your legs or your face, GJ and I highly recommend these great products.
Order your here!
Thanks so much to FRN and Pacific Shaving Company for this great opportunity!!


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