Sunday, December 14, 2008

Change is Good

Get Your (Circus) Act Together: Blog and Win this Weekend
I know that you’re probably caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but the new year is just around the corner! If you’re like me, you probably make (and then break) New Year’s resolutions. Whatever the change, we can always benefit from extra efforts to get our acts together.

So, Parents Bloggers Network has asked us to tell them, what will we be doing in 2009 to make our “circus” easier, better, and just plain more manageable?

This is their final blast of 2008, and they've teamed up with BigTent, the online home for trusted groups. BigTent hosts nearly 1,000 parent-led groups - including play groups, moms clubs, group blogs (like the Silicon Valley Moms) and even PTAs - on a completely free and easy to use web platform. Leading these groups can be a three ring circus - but BigTent simplifies group management while providing a one stop shop for everything members need.

BigTent is partnering with Compass Life and Business Designs CEO and founder, Kimberly Fulcher, to offer a special “Get your act together for 2009″ promo. For any group leaders who start a group on or move to BigTent by December 31, Compass will provide a free one month membership ($19 value) to Compass Coaching Network, and all new group leaders will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a “Life Makeover” private coaching series ($1500 value). Groups must be of at least ten members.
Now that’s a great way to start off the new year!
Here’s how to participate:

Getting My Act Together in 2009:

1. Exercise (Three Times a WEEK)

{I'm sure that my Christmas Gift from my Dad (Wii Fit) will help with this!}

2. Less time on the computer!

3. Less Fast Food!

4. Learn how to REALLY use my new camera!


{Get rid of everything in the basement that hasn't been used in several years!}

How do you plan on getting your act together in 2009?

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