Monday, December 15, 2008

Just the Facts, Baby

Just the Facts, Baby are a team of professional journalists and new moms who know what it’s like to need answers in a hurry. And not just any old answers, either. All the articles at Just the Facts, Baby contain the latest, most reliable information gathered from top experts across North America. For moms who need those facts fast, they provide 30-second quick hits–they’re literally “just the facts.” These are followed by more detailed articles, with topics ranging from fitness and nutrition to mom and baby health.

They also give new moms an array of interactive planning tools, expert Q & As and printable city maps to help them find the hippest and most convenient baby spots in town. Just the Facts, Baby is the only site that gives moms at-a-glance access to baby-friendly restaurants, stores, breastfeeding and change areas. Well-researched, reliable information, 30-second overviews, planning tools and the ultimate city guide–all the facts you need to make the most of mom-hood.

Right now, they are giving away the awesome, parent-designed products featured in their holiday gift guide to anyone who signs up for their free weekly newsletter.


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