Sunday, December 7, 2008

Present Snatching :)

'Tis the season for family holiday gatherings! For some of us, it's a relaxing and joyous time to get together with beloved family members both near and far. But for many of us, holiday gatherings try our patience and put our coping skills to the test, especially when it comes to the ultimate family tradition: the games people play.
This week, PBN teamed up with Electronic Arts, who recently released an array of fun, family-focused video games just in time for those family holiday gatherings!! Whether you join in the fun or sneak off to take an overdue nap while others are playing, there is something for everyone from the kids to the grandparents!
PBN and EA will be giving away this ultimate prize package that I am sure my family would enjoy!! The package includes a huge array of Electronic Arts video games:
Boogie SuperStar
Our favorite game to play at our Christmas gathering is pass the present! We usually have about half the number of presents as people we have at our gathering. We put every ones name in the bowl three times and we draw names out one at a time. The persons name that is drawn may take a present that hasn't been picked yet or they may take a present from someone else. After all the names have been drawn the people with the packages get to keep them! Some people end up with three gifts while other people end up with none! Presents include gifts for children and adults!! It takes awhile play and our family loves every minute of the present snatching :)

This post is our entry into the It's a Family Tradition Contest at PBN!!!


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