Friday, December 19, 2008

Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion

Vaseline's newest product, Clinical Therapy is a prescription-strength lotion that is available without a prescription.

It started in Kodiak; one of Alaska's many small towns, with a population of 6,000. Due to the location, Kodiak endures an extremely icy climate leaving many of its residents with dull, dry and cracking skin. This very reason is why Vaseline thought the demographic would be perfect to demonstrate the effectiveness of Clinical Therapy Lotion.

Vaseline turned to Petal Ruch, a voice coach and 50-year-old mother of four, who tried the product and felt it really worked, to start a word-of-mouth campaign for new Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion. If she liked it, she could then freely "prescribe" it to anyone else she thought needed it. Through word-of-mouth, her experience spread to more than 600 townspeople—including 39 cousins, a Russian music group, a knife maker, police detective, owners of fishing vessels, and many others-- whom also discovered that Clinical Therapy works.
View her story here:

Clinical Therapy Lotion provides 60% more moisture than a prescription lotion, and is available without a prescription.. The best part is that it's not greasy, watered down or too thick and is available lightly fragranced and unfragranced making Clinical Therapy great for the entire family.

If Clinical Therapy is a product you are interested in trying that's great because Vaseline encourages you to use it, share it and "prescribe" it to others. This is an effort to prescribe a healthy skin regimen to people in your community.

Be sure to visit, you’ll see who Petal “prescribed” and how the chain has spread throughout Kodiak in webisode features. While you are there, take advantage of the Prescribe the Nation Sweepstakes, where you can win an 8-day Alaska adventure for four! Plus, five lucky people will win 2 $100 Spafinders gift certificates weekly! The first 45,000 to enter will receive TWO FREE SAMPLES of Vaseline® Clinical Therapy™ lotion to share with someone they love. Users can also prescribe to a friend via email “postcard”. No holiday is complete without an e-card these days.

Check out the Vaseline YouTube page:


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