Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bloggers Give

Bloggers Give
We are hoping that a lot of our giveaway sponsors will also want to participate in Bloggers Give!
Bloggers Give was created and started by Trisha Haas, owner of MomDot, a Mom Blogging Community. Working on several charity programs in the past, she is excited to be working with bloggers on making a difference.

Trisha has a 4 year old named Charlotte, a husband named Chris, and 5 crazy cats. You can read more about her personal life, additional blogging resources, and even join a blogging forum over on MomDot.

Joining Trisha to assist in Bloggers Give are many other bloggers that donate their time and expertise to make this project successful:
1) Kim from Accidental Mommies: The adventures in life and parenting of two ‘accidental mommies.’ An ‘accidental mommy’ is a mommy who never thought she was mommy material but who has learned through poop, spit-up and tears that she has what it takes. We blog to share stories from our lives with family and friends, review products, give some great stuff away, and because we love the great community of moms we have found in the blogosphere.

2) Jane from MomGenerations: Mom Generations is a hip online destination for moms, featuring daily product reviews, fabulous giveaways, smart family advice and the latest celebrity news. You’ll also find the personal mom blogs of the mother-and-daughters team of Sharon, Audrey, Jane, each offering a distinct perspective on motherhood.

3) Katja from SkimbacoLifestyle: Great product finds for moms and children, tips from buying shoes to helping your child to start the school.. I also share my love to modern design, everything Finnish, and offer life wisdom beyond my years. (Really, someone told me that in a blog comment, I didn’t make it up). I love to spread sunshine, share great ideas and products, and inspire you to live life to the fullest.


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