Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Cart-Stopper: Don't Roll Without One!

Are you tired of struggling to keep your cart still on a windy day or in an unlevel parking lot while trying to load your groceries in your car? My Lil' Monkeys has developed the perfect product to keep your cart still! The Cart-Stopper!!

What is it?
Cart-Stopper is a suction cup that firmly attaches to your vehicle with an elastic end that has a plastic bar that you twist to fit through the bars of your shopping cart. Which results in a stable cart that allows you to freely load your groceries in your vehicle without worrying about your cart rolling away! In a nut shell, Cart-Stopper is a simple and effective device that reduces the risk of child injury related to 'run-away' shopping carts.

The Cart-Stopper is super east to install and remove. You simply lift up on the lip of the suction cup to release it from your vehicle. I love that this product is just the perfect size! It's small enough to store in console of our car! I toss it in my purse when I get out of the car and it's ready to use while loading the groceries in the car!

The Cart-Stopper was recently awarded "America's Best New Invention" by ORCA and were a finalist in the 'JPMA Innovation Award' contest at the recent ABC Kids Expo in Vegas.

Order yours HERE! We highly recommend this handy gadget to everyone! Whether you have kids or not this is a must have product!


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