Sunday, January 25, 2009

Regeneration Anti-Aging Whole Food Bars

The BRAND NEW delicious Regeneration Anti-Aging Whole Food Bar is the first to contain a powerful combination of fresh, cold-pressed superfoods, high levels of anti-inflammatory nutrients and vitamins, nutritious fruit flavonoids and low-glycemic ingredients – foods that nourish from the inside out giving our body, skin and mind the nutrients needed to slow aging and achieve optimal health. The bar has been independently tested by Brunswick Laboratories to contain a super high 7,800 ORAC units per bar –The ORAC test is considered the industry standard in determining antioxidant level of foods and nutrients.

Regeneration Anti-Aging Whole Food Bars are loaded with many ingredients that are good for you. They come in Goji flavor and Cocoa Brownie flavor. When I compare this bar to other health food bars I have tried in the past this bar is much more moist! Since the ingredients list includes many foods that I haven't tried before I was quite shocked with the taste! It is definitely different than any other bar I have tasted! You can really taste the fruit in the bar! These bars present a much fresher taste than other health food bars I have tried! The bars are nice sized and would be a great meal replacement for those of us that are dieting! Nutritionally, each bar is 220 calories, has 8g of fat, 34g of carbs, 4g fiber, and 6g of fiber. If you’re doing a Weight Watchers, each bar has 4 POINTS.
Regeneration Anti-Aging Whole Food Bars are currently available online at for $47.99 per case of 12 bars ($3.99 each) and they will soon be available at retailers nationwide.
Thanks to Family Review Networks and Regeneration USA for this great review opportunity!


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