Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Manifest Your Magnifience

Manifest Your Magnificence is a unique set of 64 affirmation cards and an audio CD designed specifically to nurture a child's self-esteem. Beautifully illustrated, written and spoken, each affirmation carries a powerful message that connects children to their magnificence. This unique set of cards and CD encourages positive interactions between adults and children, creates communication about feelings, promotes values such as honesty, responsibility, and compassion, and imprints positive attitudes and beliefs in the subconscious through use of "I AM" statements.

We received the Manifest Your Magnificence CD to review!
This CD was created because of the requests people had for putting the Manifest Your Magnificence cards on CD. Each affirmation on this CD carries a powerful message. The reasoning for the CD is that when heard over and over, these messages encourage people to believe in themselves, in their dreams and their own personal power, promoting positive values such as responsibility, compassion and respect. This CD also helps to increase a child's self esteem. As with any kind of affirmation, the more people hear positive messages, the more they will see the positive results manifesting in their lives. So parents are encouraged to play the CD's often and watch the positive transformation begin.

Manifest Your Magnificence CD includes 64 affirmations spoken by children along with soft music that helps children remember that they have qualities that make them unique.

I have been playing this CD to my class each day while they are working on their morning work! It's such a nice and positive way to start our busy day! My students have enjoyed the calming music and the messages on the CD. I asked the students to pick out their favorite saying that represented them from the CD but they had a hard time just picking one! This made me smile because they are realizing that they are special in so many different ways! I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to share this with my class! This CD even put a smile on the face of some of my struggling students that at times feel like they are not good at anything! We highly recommend this powerful CD to all parents and teachers!

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Manifest Your Magnificence CD: $15.95 CDN + taxes and shipping

Click HERE to here tracks from the CD!
Thanks so much to Family Review Network and Manifest Your Magnificence for this great review opportunity!


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