Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nintendo DS Big Bang Mini Game Review

We recently received this super cool DS game to review! Since Ethan just received a DS for Christmas he was super excited to try out this game!
Ethan is totally loving his new arcade-style video game, Big Bang Mini! In this game he is able to light up the night sky with dazzling bursts of fireworks to defeat whimsical enemies which threaten them from above. He also loves the challenge of creating his own fireworks!

In the single-player ‘Arcade’ mode, players move through ten worlds, each with nine challenging levels and a fearsome enemy boss guarding access to the next world. Only when the boss is defeated is the next world unlocked. Players can also enter the ‘Challenge’ mode and link to a high score site through the Nintendo DS’s integrated WI-FI. Ethan quickly made it through the first world but it proved very challenging for him to beat the first boss! Most of the games he plays he is able to beat fairly easy so I love that Big Bang Mini is a bit of a challenge for him!
I also love the fact that the innovative ‘Versus’ multi-player mode in Big Bang Mini requires just a single game cartridge yet lets two players compete on separate Nintendo DS units. I really appreciate not having to buy a second copy of the game so that his sister can enjoy the game as well. In this mode, players launch fireworks at each other’s targets, holding the DS unit like a book, and watching the rockets fly from one screen to the next. It is fun to just watch this in action!
This game is Rated E for Everyone! This game really does appeal to players of all ages. Our family has loved playing this game and I am sure that yours will as well!
Big Bang Mini is available at major retailers nationwide with a suggested retail price of $19.99.
Thanks so much to Role Mommy for this great review opportunity!


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