Saturday, March 14, 2009

Let Freedom Ring! Philadelphia Faith and Freedom Tour (CD Album)

Experience the Philadelphia Faith and Freedom Tour, as recorded on location in historic Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Journey to Philadelphia—the Cradle of Liberty—where the first Continental Congress convened and patriot leaders later signed America’s Declaration of Independence. Follow General George Washington through some of his most difficult and daring days of service—from his loss at Brandywine and his long winter at Valley Forge to his famous crossing of the Delaware and his surprising victory at Princeton. Walk the halls of the College of New Jersey where Presbyterian pastor John Witherspoon trained one-fifth of the members of the Constitutional Convention, and visit the nearby graveyard where such godly luminaries as Jonathan and Sarah Edwards, Samuel Davies, and Ashbel Green are laid to rest.
Album features tour messages given by Douglas W. Phillips and historian William Potter.

We received this great set of CDs from Vision Forum. The CDs contain over 12 hours of live, conference-quality audio recorded on location during the 2003 Philadelphia Faith and Freedom Tour. This is a great teaching resource. Hearing the history read aloud is more engaging and meaningful to young learners than simply reading it from a book. Our whole family really enjoyed listening to these informative CDs! We highly recommend these for your family!
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