Monday, May 4, 2009

American Heart Association

The first week in June begins National CPR and AED Awareness Week. Mom Central has joined with the American Heart Association to raise awareness for all to get trained in the life-saving skill of CPR. It's critical for us parents to get trained in CPR so we can protect our families. By learning CPR we all make a small commitment that could save the life of someone we love.

The American Heart Association offers several options for learning CPR. In addition to traditional classroom courses, they offer a self-directed course, CPR Anytime. In just 22 minutes, you can learn CPR. The kit comes with an inflatable, reusable mannequin and instructional DVD. You can choose from an infant kit (for children under one year old) or child/adult kit. If you had prior CPR training but your skills have gotten rusty, now is your chance to brush up. The more you practice, the more automatic the skill will become. By starting a CPR program now, Moms get one step ahead of the game. When faced with an emergency, you will feel confident and know exactly what to do.

Almost 80 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur at home and are witnessed by a family member
Only 6.4 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims survive because the vast majority of those witnessing the arrest are people who do not know how to perform CPR

CPR Anytime is a tool that can help increase survival rates in communities across the country. People who receive the CPR Anytime kits are able to share lifesaving skills with their loved ones by using the kit to train their entire family. Using a multiplier effect, studies have shown that for every single CPR Anytime kit used for training, an average of 2.5 people learn how to perform CPR.
Learn more about Family & Friends CPR Anytime

Thanks so much to MOMCENTRAL for letting us know about this life saving resource!

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