Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Children's Claritin(R)

Children's Claritin® is the #1 pediatrician recommended non-drowsy brand for allergies and provides powerful relief for your child's worst allergy symptoms. With two kids that suffer from seasonal allergies you can always from Children's Claritin in our medicine cabinet!

Children's Claritin® is currently offering some great promotions:
Children's Claritin® Grape Chewables are now available in a bonus pack, with 10 FREE grape chewables — for 10 free days of allergy relief.
Children's Claritin® Grape Flavored Syrup also now comes with a package of 5 FREE Chewables — for 5 free days of allergy relief

With Claritin there is more than one great way to help relieve a child's worst allergy symptoms:
Children's Claritin® Grape Chewables (for kids age 2 and up) —provides powerful non-drowsy relief of your kid's worst allergy symptoms in a great-tasting chewable
Children's Claritin® Grape Flavored Syrup (for kids age 2 and up) — provides powerful all day relief without drowsiness in a great tasting, dye-free syrup
Claritin® RediTabs® tablets (for kids age 6 and up) — instantly dissolving tablet your child can take anywhere, with or without water

Visit Claritin.com for more information about children's allergy medicines, allergy management resources and valuable e-coupons for Children’s Claritin® and other Claritin® products.

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