Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lemonhead Kidz Review

LemonHead Apparel LLC was founded out of sheer frustration with the hair accessories the creators were purchasing for their children. Their little two-year-old loved taking her hair clips out and apart during nap-time, her favorite was pulling the embellishments off and peeling the decorative ribbon from the metal clip!! They couldn't find a structurally sound clip that stayed in their daughter's fine hair, so after months of trial and error they finally came up with a clip she couldn't destroy and stayed put. VoilĂ , Clipeez were born!!

Their Bandeez Headbands were originally designed for their two-year-old. She kept losing her headband because it slipped off. After losing so many headbands and having to readjust them all the time they decided to experiment on their own and came up with Bandeez. Their headbands are fully adjustable, they fit infants to moms on-the-go. They're designed to not slip or slide on heads of any size. Tweens & Teens love their headbands because we have so many different patterns and they can create their own styles.

The headband is so unique and VERY easy to put on! Ella played all day it NEVER came off or even had to be readjusted!!! These are the perfect hair accessories for my fast moving princess!!

Their hair clips are like no other, they are designed to stay put, even on super fine hair!! They don't use magnets/hot glue and NOTHING squeezed out of a bottle like silicone or rubber. Their premium patented GRIPSTRIP is made of a unique reliable material that is identical in every clip - that means you are getting the same feature every single time!!! They have also patented several processes to make the Clipeez and attach embellishments reliably to their Clipeez that is so secure it impresses every time. They offer a wide range of embellishments from flowers to bows and butterflies.

Besides being cute, the clips definitely hold strong. Ella has super fine hair and they really did stay in place!

FREE SHIPPING on your order over USD$35!!!

Thanks so much to FRN for this great review opportunity!


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