Saturday, May 9, 2009

Panasonic Life in HD

Throughout this year, 30 families will be chosen to participate in an amazing Panasonic Life in HD program. With this program you will receive a 50 inch HDTV, a Blu-ray Disc Player, a digital camera, an HD camcorder, a sound system, a Wii, and a Toughbook Laptop to see what they would do with them and what entertaining, productive, and often unexpected experiences they would have.
Interested families can quickly and easily apply online through If you go to the site today you can register to win an HD camera or camcorder! In addition to adding more families to the roster, you can also become a member of the site, allowing you to interact with other HD enthusiasts and share advice, tips, videos, rate content and, ultimately, play a part in shaping future HD electronics! This will also serve as the outlet to keep track of all the cool happenings of the LiHD families.
Panasonic believes that living in high definition is about more than just the latest televisions and camcorders. It is about how anyone and everyone-mom, dad, child, or grandparent-can use these electronic products as a pathway to a better lifestyle. This experiment is also a way to let us, the consumers, share with a major electronics company what we want, need and expect out of our entertainment products.
Thanks to MOM CENTRAL for letting us know about this great program!!


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