Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Spare Wife Blog Tour

Alex Witchels’s newest novel, The Spare Wife, brings readers into the world of socialites in Manhattan with a story full of secrets, affairs, fancy parties, and high society life. The single, divorced Ponce Morris, known as "the spare wife," navigates this world well, managing the lives of the powerful couples around her with grace. "She watches football with Stan Crandall, while Bitsy reads magazines in bed and thanks God she doesn’t have to; she plays golf with George Stein, because Carol only likes tennis; and not only does she go to Knicks games with Larry DeLynn but she lets him eat as many hot dogs as he wants and never tells Lila, who forbids him to have nitrates." Not only that – she also goes shopping with the wives, making her the perfect, non-threatening companion for everyone – until a young reporter suspects that she’s having an affair with the city’s most successful (and married) doctor. This book is as intriguing as it is witty, and the fun story combined with the biting satire make it the perfect waiting-for-summer read. You may not be lounging on a beach with a book quite yet, but The Spare Wife is still an entertaining escape.

This is a great book, very entertaining and enjoyable to read. The book is extremely well-written. The authors attention to detail creates an environment that is completely believable and fun to read about. I enjoyed reading about the lives of the privileged few! If you are looking for a funny, edgy, and glamorous book then we highly recommended this great read!

Thanks so much to Mothertalk for this great review opportunity!


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