Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Themed Apparel and Home Fabric Ideas

As you consider apparel and home fabric ideas for the summer ahead, below, please find some suggested topics and information that might be of interest.

The topics are taken from editorial that are currently posted on Cotton Incorporated’s http://www.thefabricofourlives.com/ website, which is the most comprehensive site available for information on cotton fashion, home d├ęcor, crafts and lifestyle related topics.


As the summer heat builds, there are natural and low cost ways to cool your home that don’t require blasting the air conditioner and then fretting about the environmental and economic impact. Cool Your Home Naturally provides simple tips on how to help keep your house cool, conserve energy and keep your electric bill low during spring and summer.

Spurred by the struggling economy, Recession Chic has become one of the most talked about apparel trends of the season. Find out what the best buys from this movement are in this special feature on the best “recession chic” finds under $100.

Spring means changeable weather – cool mornings and nights, warm days, rain interspersed with sun. This variability represents a challenge for parents who want to ensure that their kids wear appropriate clothing throughout the day. Covert Cover-Ups provides practical tips and key wardrobe items to help keep children well protected and comfortable, without sparking a battle each time the need comes for them to cover up.

With wardrobe budgets tight, what is the one piece of apparel that truly produces the best return? Denim -The Best Apparel Value for Your Dollar outlines why this uniquely American fabric is the king of all apparel when it comes to overall durability, versatility, comfort, cost of care and purchase price.


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