Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fishful Thinking

What is Fishful Thinking?

A resource for parenting for possibilities.
Pepperidge Farm has been committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle for over forty years by offering parents wholesome snacks made with no artificial preservatives. The Goldfish® brand partnered with Positive Psychology leader, Dr. Karen Reivich, to create Fishful Thinking: a program for parents that helps them to raise kids who are optimistic and can confidently tackle life’s challenges.

With Fishful Thinking, parents can:
• talk with kids about how to deal with the ups and downs of life
• teach effective problem-solving techniques to help kids grow with a feeling of competence
• help kids develop an optimistic attitude that allows them to move past setbacks and obstacles• help kids to develop their confidence and reach their full potential
• empower themselves to develop positive communication with their children and practice the skills with their kids using fun, easy activities
• connect with other parents to find solutions that help develop happier, healthier, more resilient children

Who is Dr. Karen Reivich?
You may recognize Dr. Karen Reivich from publications like USA Today and the New York Times. Dr. Karen Reivich has established herself as a leader in the field of Positive Psychology and depression prevention through her extensive research, teaching, workshops, and writings. Dr. Reivich has co-authored the books "The Optimistic Child" and "The Resilience Factor" and has traveled the globe to conduct Positive Psychology workshops for teachers, parents, physicians, and corporations. Her expertise comes not only from years of experience and dedication to promoting wellness in children and adolescents, but also through her own experience as a mother of four!

The 5 Ingredients of Fishful Thinking SM Lessons to learn (and share)
Kids today experience a great deal of stress and confront complex challenges. For most parents it’s hard to know how to best help them through these difficult times. Fortunately, parents can learn simple ways to teach kids the skills that shape a positive attitude, enable them to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

Fishful ThinkingSM is comprised of five key points:
Optimism: Focusing on the positive things in life.Emotional Awareness: Expressing and controlling your feelings.Goal Setting/ Hope: Finding ways to achieve your goals.Resilience: Coping with life’s ups and downs.
Empowerment: Identifying and using your strengths and skills.

Examples of Fishful ThinkingSM Activities
Happiness Scavenger Hunt- Create a list of simple, pleasurable items or experiences and devote 30 - 60 minutes daily to finding or doing several things on the list.

Emotion Charades- Write down feeling words or emotions on slips of paper and take turns acting them out in order to help your child get in better touch with his or her emotions.

Savoring Party- Invite moms and kids to a party where each child brings a new object to share, experience, and enjoy! Encourage kids to talk specifically about what they like about the object and how it makes them feel.


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