Saturday, July 4, 2009

Affordable 'Must-Have' Baby Shower Gift!

Cart-Stopper™, the ideal & affordable baby shower gift in today’s economy.

Reduce her stress by giving your favorite mom-to-be a “second pair of hands” for less than $10!

While most Americans are looking for ways to reduce their overall cost of living and daily stresses, there’s one thing that simply cannot be compromised…the safety of your child. Give the gift of safety to that mom-to-be with a Cart-Stopper™, an affordable ‘must-have’ child safety product.

In today’s society, more and more parents are finding themselves tackling shopping errands alone. The simple task of securing your grocery cart while you safely load/unload your child(ren) becomes increasingly daunting.

Cart-Stopper™ is the simple & effective solution to the run-away grocery cart. Cart-Stopper™ secures your grocery cart to your vehicle while you safely load & unload your children & your valuables.

Cart-Stopper’s™ patent-pending design creates a “second pair of hands” so you can secure your child(ren) in their car seat(s) while your grocery cart is secure next to your vehicle. No more worries about your second child rolling away in the grocery cart! Cart-Stopper™ reduces stress and creates peace of mind!

Simple to use and small enough to store in a purse, glove box or trunk, Cart-Stopper™ can be purchased in 3 different colors at for only $9.99/ea, or call 916-220-9946.


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