Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday Party Bash Game for Wii

Are you looking for an inexpensive and fun way to celebrate your child's birthday? If so, you should check out Birthday Party Bash. With this game you eliminate the need to buy a ton of games to play at your child's birthday party. Every game that you would want to play is included on the Nintendo Wii Birthday Party Bash Game! I love how it really making the party planning a lot less stressful and my kids love how entertaining the games really are!! My little loves and I highly recommend this great new game!

2K Play just came out with a new game exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, Birthday Party Bash, which provides Moms a unique way to throw a memorable party in the comforts of your own home and without paying a fortune. Birthday Party Bash is a "party-in-a-box" from start to finish and includes:
12 ready-to-mail invitations
coupons for party supplies and Duncan Hines
a party-planning guide full of helpful tips and suggestions
and over 20 fun birthday party games, all played on the Wii

How it works:

The birthday boy/girl chooses the party theme, anything from pirates to princesses. They even get to create their own virtual character, as well as characters for all of their guests!
Up to 12 party guests can join in on playing the Wii games.

Finally, when it's time to serve the cake, "Happy Birthday" will play karaoke-style while a virtual cake appears on screen.

Key Features:
Over 20 classic birthday party games including Pin the Tail, Hot Potato, Present Frenzy, Balloon Popper, Musical Chairs, Sack Race and many more.
Ten different girl and boy themed party rooms including: pirate, glamour, sports, princess, construction, stuffed animals, monsters, magical forest, army men and music.
Customize customizable for any birthday boy, girl, friends and family (even grandma).


What's a birthday party without games? In Birthday Party Bash up to 12 party goers can whack, roll, splash, pop, and shimmy their way through over 20 birthday mini-games. These include twists on classic favorites like PiƱata Blast, Duncan Hines Cake Stacker and Birthday Blowout.

Game Rooms, Cake and More

In addition to mini-games, Birthday Party Bash comes packed with ten party themed rooms that set the scene for an unforgettable bash. These rooms range from “Pirates” to “Princess,” and when it's time to break for cake and ice cream, players will enjoy a lively rendition of the traditional "Happy Birthday" song presented in sing along, karaoke-style, with a virtual cake on screen.

Birthday Party Bash for Wii creates a fun and unique party experience for kids, but it saves you weeks of planning and that hit to your wallet. It's also perfect when you're through with all of your traditional birthday party activities and the cake, and there's still an hour left until pick-up time!

Thanks so much to Mom Central for providing us this fun game to review!


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