Monday, July 13, 2009

Digital Scrapbook Artist by Serif

If you want to preserve special moments in your family’s life, without having to spend the time or money involved in traditional scrapbooking (or filling up valuable closet space with that growing collection of craft materials!), Digital Scrapbook Artist may be just what they’re looking for.

Unlike current scrapbook programs on the market, Digital Scrapbook Artist allows users to edit every object on their scrapbook page and perfect their designs to look exactly as they would in a traditional scrapbook. Everything from backgrounds, buttons, ribbons and pieces of fabric look entirely realistic. Providing users with digital versions of all of the tools found in a craft store, including paintbrushes, decorative edge scissors and shaped punches, Digital Scrapbook Artist offers limitless sources of inspiration and the freedom to try new ideas and designs without the worry of wasting tangible supplies and materials.

I’ve been testing this software for past week and I am totally impressed with the Digital Scrapbook Artist!! With the Digital Scrapbook Artist, it offers everything I need to create a truly handcrafted looking scrapbook with my pictures. I was amazed at how easy it was to create my own embellishments from scratch. This program offers tools and materials to use exactly like those you would find in a craft store. This program offers tons and tons of stunning embellishments and materials that look just like the real thing!

The best part is that everything I need is included in this software. For example, there is no need to use another program to edit my photos. It allows me to enhance colors, remove red eye, and even add special effects. It's a very user friendly program that allows you to add backgrounds, pictures, embellishments, and frames by simply dragging and dropping.

When your masterpiece is complete you can export your project to several popular file formats, your printer, email, or upload to the Daisy Trail website to share with others!! Daisy Trail also offers additional themes can also be downloaded for free.

Digital Scrapbook Artist retails for $49.99.
You can click below to check out a scrapbook I made out of some of our pictures from the beach!!

We highly recommend this great scrapbooking tool!


Dave said...

Typo in your post's subject... should be "Artist" ;)

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