Monday, July 13, 2009

Priced at just $3, the Toasty Bullet sub is a real “steal”

Summer is heating up - and so are the “lunch wars!”

When it comes to lunch, it’s all about value and in recent months, we’ve seen quick-service restaurant and fast casual chains battle it out to win over hungry customers. Quiznos is firing the next shot in the lunch battle with the launch of its new Toasty Bullet sandwich, expanding its Everyday Value Menu – a delicious arsenal of sandwiches available for $5 or less – with a toasty $3 sub.

Priced at just $3, the Toasty Bullet sub is a real “steal” – which is exactly what consumers are looking for, according to a new national survey. Conducted by Opinion Research Corporation on behalf of Quiznos, the survey reveals that:

More than three-quarters of Americans are willing to make sacrifices for a free lunch – by going to an in-law’s retirement party, braving a blind date, attending a business meeting or enduring a time-share sales pitch

Some are even willing to commit refrigerator theft, with one in every seven Americans admitting to having taken a coworker’s lunch out of the refrigerator

Luckily, there’s no need for anyone to go to those lengths for lunch. The Toasty Bullet sandwich offers 8 inches of flavor that is as delicious as it is easy on the wallet.


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