Monday, July 6, 2009

Where Do You Torpedo” contest from Quiznos

Anyone can go online to and submit a video of their eating a Quiznos Torpedo (toasted sandwich on ciabatta bread in a portable sleeve that makes it easier to carry on the go).

The video that best highlights eating a Torpedo on the go will win $10,000. To inspire fans about how and where they might enjoy a Toasty Torpedo, Quiznos has released a short video detailing a cross-country Torpedo adventure, capturing real-life consumers eating Toasty Torpedoes in each of the 50 states. The video will be distributed online and available on

Quiznos has also redesigned its Facebook page to offer contest information and updates, while the irreverent @QuiznosToaster is sending people on a virtual scavenger hunt, giving clues to find gift cards hidden at locations around the country.


infinigpictures said...

Hey Stacey, speaking of the Quiznos Torpedo contest, I actually entered and managed to actually make the Top 10! It would be awesome if you could have a look and let me know what you thought by voting for it. Here's the link and you can vote everyday for 2 weeks! Thanks a lot and i'll keep checking back at your blog!

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