Saturday, August 22, 2009

Daniel X: Watch the Skies {Book Review}

As both a bestselling author and the father of an eleven-year-old son, James Patterson truly believes that the best way to get people excited about reading is to give them books they'll love. To help create a lifelong appreciation for books in kids everywhere, James Patterson has recently added young adult series to his repertoire, including, Daniel X.
We recently reviewed the the first book in the series, The Dangerous Days of Daniel X, which told the story of a teen with secret powers who hunts aliens and protects the Earth. We really enjoyed it and were thrilled when we were offered the sequel to review (thanks to MotherTalk). Patterson's books are read and loved by adult and kid readers alike, including the toughest customers of all – boys!

Daniel X: Watch the Skies is a story about an evil outer-space outlaw named Number Five who comes to a small town on Earth intending to produce an intergalactic version of "Survivor," with a twist: every human in the town will be eliminated. Daniel finds himself on a quest to stop Number Five and his alien crew, not just to save the world, but to save himself.

Patterson has created another excellent fictional story that really did keep my interest throughout the whole book! I love how Patterson is able create awesome visual images through his words! What I really enjoy about this book is that it is written in really short chapters! When my students are deciding on a book to read they almost always check on the length of the chapters! So, the short chapter mixed in with aliens and special powers make this book a great read! My 5th grade boys really enjoyed the first Daniel X book so I am really excited about sharing this new one with them! We highly recommend this great read!


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