Monday, August 17, 2009

Ethan and Ella took the WAT-AAH! SUMMER CHALLENGE!!

WAT-AAH! is the first 100% sugar-free, functional beverage brand designed especially for kids. This summer, WAT-AAH! us to stay away from the unhealthy, sugar-laden beverages and to DRINK MORE WAT-AAH!

During the months of March and April, this spunky little brand convinced 9 out of 10 kids (1,072) from all over the country to choose water over the sugary sodas and juices.

Water is simply the key to true, healthy hydration. WAT-AAH! is ultra-pure water containing the right amount of essential minerals to fortify and maintain children's health ( WAT-AAH!'s mission is to reverse the established behavior and dependency on sweetened drinks among America's children, and ultimately help fight the battle against childhood obesity and to teach kids that healthy bodies can be obtained through healthy hydration.

Product Description:
Forget about caffeine and sugar. Ultra pure water with just enough oxygen is all the clean fuel your body craves, with no nasty side effects like stinky breath or rotten teeth. This delicious, ultra pure water has absolutely NO sugar. And it's the first bottled water made for kids, by kids. Drink WAT-AAH! ENERGY and you just might run FAST-AAH!

Product Description:
Your brain is 75% water. Your heart is 75% water. Your muscles are 75% water. Get the point? You're pretty much a swimming pool with legs, so fill it up. WAT-AAH! BODY is pure spring water for optimal hydration and it's the first bottled water made for kids, by kids. It tastes delicious and has absolutely NO sugar! Drink it and feel SUP-AAH!

Product Description:
Drink the new WAT-AAH! BONES and tell mom to give you a break from spinach. Both have magnesium to build strong bones and muscles, but one tastes great and comes in a cool bottle. The other is green and sticks in your teeth. WAT-AAH! is first bottled water made for kids, by kids. It's ultra pure water that tastes great and has absolutely NO sugar. Drink it and grow STRONG-AAH!
Product Description:
How about a bolt of brilliance, a rush of smartness? WAT-AAH! BRAIN is purer than pure, with just the right amount of electrolytes to spark the mind. This delicious, ultra pure water is the first bottled water made for kids, by kids and it has absolutely NO sugar! It's water on a high speed mission, so drink it and think fast. It just may make you SMART-AAH!

Ethan and Ella both liked and enjoyed drinking their WAT-AAH! Ella was immediately drawn to the pink packaging and Ethan went straight for the energy water! He took the energy water to his basketball game with him and scored a season high! He is convinced it was the WAT-AAH and said we would HAVE to buy more!! I tasted it as well and really enjoyed the refreshing taste of the WAT-AAH! Ethan is good about drinking water but Ella not so much! So, we were excited to find some WAT-AAH that she would actually drink! We highly recommend this fun, refreshing, and good for you WAT-AAH!!


andrea v said...

I won a case of this and my kids love it. I even drank the one with the electrolytes when I was sick.

Anonymous said...

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