Friday, August 28, 2009

Hip Green Deals is a daily deal website that is helping women accessorize themselves with fresh, eco-friendly finds such as jewelry, bags, and body care at 40-80% off retail. Every day at 6am MST there is something new to discover. has partnered with some of the top leading brands in the eco-fashion industry. Shoppers will be able to get deep discounts from companies such as The Andean Collection, BYOB, Moonrise Jewelry, Priti Nails NYC among many others at 40-80% off retail. offers more than just accessories for the workplace. One might find the perfect bag for the farmer’s market or a great pair of sandals for the beach.
Check out this sweet deal that popped up for only $10:

Tagua Bracelet from the Andean Collection

Tagua bracelets are strikingly beautiful, with a natural irregularity that makes each one truly unique. Available in a variety of shapes and vivid colors, they add flair to any outfit. Wear them alone or mix and match for an unforgettable look.

The Tagua seed comes from the Tagua Palm Tree and is often compared to ivory due to its extreme hardness.

The idea behind The Andean Collection is to bring you great fashion forward designs, while creating a greener planet, and providing a path out of poverty for artisans using fair trade principles. In addition to being paid fair wages, the artisans share in the profits of the company as partial owners of The Andean Collection.

Check out today!!
Thanks so much to Green and Clean Mom for letting us know about this great site!


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