Thursday, August 6, 2009

Organizing For Back to School

Get Organized For Back-To-School

with Peter Walsh

Presented by OfficeMax

We were invited to attend the "Get Organized for Back-to-School" webcast from OfficeMax featuring popular organization expert, Peter Walsh (of TLC Clean Sweep & Oprah), and an expert panel today! We learned tips and strategies for organizing and preparing our home and our children for the approaching school year. We are looking forward to a great organized school year with the product samples from OfficeMax's new back-to-school lines. Read below for the tips we learned today!

Tips for HOME:

1. Find the Vision You Have for a Space

2. Make Organization a Family Value

3. Use the Right Tools for Great Organization

Organizing Kids to Help Them Succeed:

1. Show that you Value Organization

2. Establish Clear Limits and Routines

3. Always "Finish the Cycle" (Complete a Task)

Organization in the Classroom:

1. Establish Clear Routines

2. Involve Kids with Classroom Organization

3. Use Words, Pictures, and Color to Help with Organization


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