Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rosie Hippo

Rosie Hippo is an online boutique that has a gorgeous selection of imaginative and delightful toys, most of which are manufactured in Europe or the United States and made of quality materials, such as sustainable wood and organic cotton.

Kim Bloom, 46, is a mother, a professional marketer with an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, and a breast cancer survivor. Kim purchased Rosie Hippo in 2008 from the original owners: "Rosie Hippo was perfect –a combination of my love for children, my interest in child development, my creative side, marketing background and business degree. I love bringing toys and books and music to children that will help inspire them, teach them about the world --- issues like diversity, giving, greening -- and help instill good values and a foundation from which to grow.”In the past year, Kim has expanded the company’s product offerings to include natural, handcrafted items from 24 Fair Trade countries, launched a new website and produced a new catalog. Kim believes in making a difference through Rosie Hippo and donates a percent of profits on an ongoing basis to go to cancer, children's, and environmental foundations.

Thanks to BzzMommy we received the Spider Elephant from their Stuffed Animal Collection to review!

Elga Elephant got its warm charm and colors from homespun wool, and natural and rich plant dyes found in the Kenyan countryside. These beautiful toys enable the women who make them to afford small luxuries for their families through the sale of these darling creatures. Fair Trade. Kenya. 3+ Buy this item now

Ella is thrilled with her new cuddle buddy. She loves how her Elephant feels. She says it feels didn't from her other furry friends! I love how this toy is unique and offers a handmade look. It's size makes it the perfect cuddle companion during nap time at home or in the car! We love our new friend and highly recommend this great site!!

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