Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boredom Breakers

Rand McNally recently released a new line of games for the car called Boredom Breakers. Just as we head into the dog days of summer and get ready to embark on last minute road trips, these games are the perfect products to end the dreaded "Are We There Yet?" question!

We received the Story Starters game to review!
It's packed with 72 minutes of funny stories, mysteries ,and games! This interactive CD was an instant hit with our little ones on our last road trip. Story Starters combines the best of classic radio-style drama and audio effects to us telling stories together.

This fun CD really does engage everyone in the car in telling stories! Rand McNally's Story Starters features different styles of audio entertainment that our whole family enjoyed. These story starters were written by hilarious writers, and supplemented with sound effects and original scores, Story Starters is entertaining for both kids and as well as us. These great games keep our kids occupied in the back seat of the car wherever we go – whether it’s a long drive or when were just out running errands. These Boredom Breakers™ really do keep both us and our children happy and entertained while traveling! These games have have turned our car time into family time! We highly recommend these fun games!

Get yours HERE!

Thanks to Role Mommy for this fun review opportunity!


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