Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fruit20 Review and Sweepstakes

Fruit2O Essentials, a zero calorie fortified water with nutrients equal to two servings of fruit in six flavors. Fruit2O is offering a great opportunity for a chance to win a 4-night spa vacation for you & a friend! You may enter every day through October 17, 2009 online ( for the Grand Prize, a $5,000 gift certificate, which you can spend at more than 5,000 spas across the U.S., plus a $900 travel voucher. You can register every day until October 17, 2009. I feel most moms can agree a spa vacation would be an ideal break from our busy lives.

Also, up to 23 first prizes will be awarded, too (each winner will enjoy a $100 SpaFinder gift card). Discount coupons are also available on the website, $0.55 off the purchase of one 6-pack of Fruit2O and $1.00 off the purchase of two 18oz bottles of Fruit2O® Essentials.

Our whole family enjoyed the refreshing taste of the Fruit20! Ethan is good about drinking water but Ella not so much! So, we were excited to find some flavored water that she would actually drink! We highly recommend this great tasting, refreshing, and good for you Fruit20!


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