Monday, September 21, 2009

The Shandle Review

The Shandle is a utility product that encourages children to "wash their hands after going to the bathroom". The product, containing an anti-microbial handle, sticks to the toilet seat and has playful designs and messages that remind children about good hygiene in addition to preventing children from ever having to touch the germ filled toilet seat. The perfect message to children to aid in the fight against the H1N1 Virus. It's available exclusively at:

What Does The Shandle Do?
The Shandle encourage kids to practice healthy bathroom habits like proper hand washing, consistent seat lifting/lowering and regular flushing. In addition it provides a cleaner and easier way to lift and lower the toilet seat.

How Is The Shandle Installed?
The Shandle is attached to the toilet seat with a pressure sensitive foam adhesive. Once installed, the Shandle will provide 6 months of use. Installation is simple. Just position, peel and stick. For best results they suggest waiting 24 hours before use.

Will It Work In My Bathroom?
The Shandle works best on flat bottom seats and is not recommended for wooden or padded toilet seats. If you find you cannot install the Shandle or it does not work for you will be entitled to a refund according to their 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.

Antimicrobial What?
The Shandle is made from antimicrobial treated plastic. This treatment prevents the growth of bacteria on the surface. Once installed you instantly make your bathroom a cleaner environment for your family.

Can I Clean The Shandle?
The decorative labels that have been applied to the Shandle to encourage healthy habits can be cleaned every time you clean the toilet. Mild household cleaners will not damage the decorations. They suggest cleaning the Shandle every time you clean the bathroom.

Replacing The Shandle
The Shandle can be removed from the toilet seat at any time by applying downward force. In some cases a little residual adhesive will remain under the seat. This can easily be cleaned away with soap and water. You should replace your Shandle every six months.

We love The Shandle at our house! In the past I had to remind my little ones to wash their hands often but not anymore! The Shandle really does remind them. I love how easy it was to install. If you are having trouble with getting your little ones to wash their hands at your house then we highly recommend The Shandle! Be sure to check out the adorable Halloween designs!

Thanks so much to Family Review Network for this great review opportunity! This post was written as part of a program for Family Review Network and The Shandle who provided the product for review.


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