Thursday, October 8, 2009

Disney Princess Pix Micro Digital Camera

I LOVE to take pictures, and Ella has always loved to be my model! However, this all changed when she recently received a camera for her birthday! She received the Disney princess pix micro digital camera and now she wants to be the photographer! She loves her camera! It is the perfect size for her to slip into her activities bag when we are heading out! These cute little cameras hold over 300 photos and only requires two "AA" batteries!!

This is the first kids' camera that has all the features of an adult digital camera: a big color 1.4" LCD view screen, a built-in flash, even 1.3MB resolution. These cameras are recommended for kids six and above but Ella is FIVE and she does great with it. The camera comes with the award winning Disney Pix photo editing software, which allows us to customize her pictures by adding her favorite Disney characters, fun graphics, frames and more.

The best part is going back and looking at all the "things" she chooses to take pictures of with her camera! If you have a budding photographer on your shopping list this year we highly recommend that you check out this cool camera available at


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