Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holiday Stains

Spray ‘n Wash, a trusted ally in the fight against stains, is changing its name to RESOLVE beginning November 2009. The portfolio will be available in the familiar trigger, stick and new Bright & White in-wash formula. Featuring the signature green bottle consumers have trusted for decades, a new red RESOLVE label will accompany the name. More information can be found at the new, interactive

Looking ahead to winter, the results of our Holiday Stain Survey are in:

According to a recent survey of 50 top parenting, style and entertaining bloggers, 94 percent plan to entertain this holiday season:

o More than 84 percent of hosts anticipate they’ll have to throw away garments and linens following the celebration

o An astonishing eight out of 10 party hosts have reported throwing away garments or linens following holiday parties

o Survey respondents reported red wine (40 percent) as the toughest stain challenge, followed by cranberry sauce (28 percent), gravy (10 percent) and dark-colored juice (8 percent)

o Consider investing in a red tablecloth so stains can blend in – both cranberry sauce and red wine were named by survey respondents as the most common holiday stains

To keep the holidays festive and garments and décor fresh year after year, the stain fighting experts at RESOLVE fabric care offer the following tips for fighting holiday stains:

o Always dab larger spills and treat as soon as possible

o Ease your mind and treat the spot while it’s still on the table. A product like RESOLVE MAX Power Stain Stick ensures the spot will come out in the wash up to one week later

o If stains are found after the party, treat with a stain fighter specially formulated for dried-in stains like RESOLVE MAX Trigger. These products help to eliminate set stains

o Read the labels on garments and linens as they contain useful information about an item’s tolerance and often include water temperature instructions

o To keep holiday tablecloths looking new year after year, use RESOLVE Bright & White In-the-Wash Laundry Booster, keeping colors bright and whites white after every wash load


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