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Joy Berry Classic Children's Books

Joy Berry understands the struggles children and parents face today. You probably haven’t heard of Joy Berry, but you may be familiar with her classic books. For over 30 years, these books have been helping parents and children deal with childhood issues. Joy Berry has sold over 85 million books and influenced generations of children.

Joy Berry Classics are broken down into six series, starting with Teach Me About for toddlers and going up to Winning Skills for tweens.

Teach Me About, for Ages 1-3
Let’s Talk About, for Ages 4-5
Help Me Be Good, for Ages 5-7

A Fun and Easy Way, for Ages 7-10
Winning Skills, for Ages 11-12

Good Answers to Tough Questions, for Ages 6-12

Now for the first time, Joy Berry’s books will be available all from one publisher, Joy Berry Enterprises, and for sale online at Updated and newly designed, the books are classics in every sense of the word.

The message is timeless. Children will always need potty training, will always whine, fight with their siblings and need to cope with emotions such as anger and the challenge of doing well in school. These topics are only a sampling of the issues the Joy Berry Classics address, but demonstrate why Joy’s books are relevant and necessary today.

Joy Berry’s books empower children to help them learn for themselves. Joy states, “Children need to be taught from the beginning of their lives that the more responsibility a person assumes for his or her life, the more control he or she will have over his or her life. In order for children to acquire the control they so desperately want and need, they need to learn the information and skills that will allow them to become more responsible.”

And the wonderful thing about these materials is that they really work. Millions of parents and educators have used these books to help children learn responsible behavior, deal with their emotions and cope with trauma.

We were thrilled to receive several books from this great series to review! We received You Can . . . Get Over IT!, Disasters, Death, Keep Kids Safe, and A Fun and Easy Way to Earn an Allowance.

A Fun and Easy Way to Earn an Allowance Kit

A Fun and Easy Way to Earn an Allowance teaches kids how to calculate, earn, collect and use an allowance and to contribute productively to the family. Kit comes with Allowance book, CD, Agreement, Task Chart, Payment Chart and washable marker.

This kit has been a great encouragement for Ethan! We weren't sure how to go about the whole allowance issue and it's a topic that is mentioned quite often by our ten year old. This kit information and resources needed to start the allowance journey at your house! If your child is ready to start earning money for chores then we highly recommend this helpful kit!

Winning Skills You Can Get Over It!

You Can Get Over It! is a compilation of 6 books that help kids overcome obstacles and move ahead.

Other Titles in the Get Over It! Series Include:

Overcome Fear. Teaches how to deal with fear and overcome unacceptable fears.

Handle Stress. Defines stress and stressors and explains how to navigate around these obstacles to remain calm in all circumstances.

Handle Criticism and Rejection. Defines the difference between constructive and destructive criticism and encourages the acceptance and use of constructive criticism.

Handle Rude People. Explains why some people are rude and teaches how to relate to rude people in various situations.

Handle Tough Situations. Explains what can precipitate a difficult situation and how it can be handled in a way that will be beneficial.

Get Rid of Bad Habits teaches how to identify a bad habit and how to get rid of it.

Disasters discusses natural and man-made disasters, ways to be prepared for a disaster and how to respond if one hits. This book is part of Joy's Good Answers to Tough Questions Series. It is recommended for children Ages 6-12. Thankfully, my children haven't experienced a Disaster but I feel good knowing how to talk with them about Disasters since reading this book. It will also be a great book to keep at school for my students!

About Joy Berry Enterprises
Joy Berry Enterprises (JBE) represents the world’s largest collection of Living Skills products for children that teach responsibility and behavior through stories, music, and multimedia. Joy Berry, pioneering educator, bestselling author and child development expert, has partnered with some of the best media minds today to launch a vast collection of books, music and media into today’s markets, through traditional distribution platforms as well as through digital and online delivery formats. The product line is the largest created by a single author and comprises the only comprehensive Living Skills program for children ages 1-12. This timeless “Classic” collection includes more than 175 Living Skills books, 100 activity and novelty books, over 500 children’s songs and read-alongs, toddler-to-teen curriculum for the classroom and world outreach projects with Amnesty International, the United Nations, and The Red Cross. In addition to Joy Berry Classics, JBE is developing a new series with Joy Berry that includes animated television shows, online programming and character-driven books and merchandise. With more than 85 million copies sold of Joy Berry books, JBE continues to develop multimedia products for children and their parents based on Joy’s enduring theories about growing up and learning how to be responsible. Joy Berry Enterprises is a privately held company based in New York City.

We highly recommend these informative books for anyone that has children or works with kids!

Thanks so much to Joy Berry Books for providing us with these great books to review!


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